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Architecture and Still Life Photography

Maciek Kolodziejski is a London based photographer who focuses on bringing out the artistry and personality within properties and products.  

I started Thebestshot as it was always my motto in private and business life. It means not only that I will try hard to get the best images shooting fashion, still life , interior photography for an international company or a small bespoke local business but also will try to be the best in the field. There is no compromise in getting a beautiful image - what is behind the scene does not matter- you will be judged by the last picture you took.

You need to have a dose of talent , imagination and technical skill to achieve your goal and be happy to do it all over again a next day - but I guess this is what I like to do. Images are unique as we all see the world through our personal experience - rest you can learn to pleased the others. Camera is a narrow minded tool which can become an art in skilful and experienced hands of professional photographer.

We recognise instinctively if an image is good, but we rearly think what it takes to take one

Despite my many years of experience in interior photography and product related imagery I still ask myself a question why this angle, is there any other which would be better. What lighting - is natural sun light not good enough?
I know the answer if I know my client well - if I do not know then, it is a learning process for both of us - what is a picture for?





Architecture projects, interior design portfolios and
estate agent photography.

Still Life

Room sets and cut-outs for furniture, fixtures, fittings
and other products.


Aerial video footage of properties, estates and
other landscapes.


Maciek Kolodziejski
T: (+44) 07719851646

Recent Projects

Grey Sail – The Modern House

_Y3A2223 copy.jpg

Luke Jones furniture is renowned for its beautiful bespoke furniture pieces. I was recently invited to photograph their latest project – Grey Sails – a sensational modern house furnished in its entirety by Luke Jones.




Draw Architecture


A London apartment styled by Wandsworth architectural practice Draw Architecture. This project focuses on the key details of the interior design and how they sit within the property's architecture.